Peter Beim began playing the saxophone at age 13 and attended The Mellerup School of Music for a year. Throughout his youth he took lessons in jazz, blues, and swing, and he founded the Blues Brothers Experience in the early 90’s.

It takes an incredibly good ear and understanding of musical genres and styles to play alongside a DJ. Peter Beim ranks in the top 5 in Europe for this category.

Peter Beim was contacted by DJ Søren Haahr in 1996 and hired for the opening of the night club Diskotek IN in Copenhagen. The musical trends at the time were eurodance, techno, trance, Italian house, pop, and house. The event was a huge success and led to him becoming the in-house saxophonist at Diskotek IN for the next many years.

Through his work at the venue he came to meet many different artists, and in 1997 he met Paw Lagermann who went on to form the band Infernal with Søren Haahr og Lina Rafn.
Peter Beim and Paw Lagermann produced several tracks for Infernal. The album Infernal Affairs was released in 1998 and became a commercial success selling over 80,000 copies. During this time Peter Beim toured with Infernal, DJ Aligator, and Muzik.

Peter Beim has played at nightclubs, festivals, and private events in Denmark and abroad, and he has collaborated with famous as well as lesser known artists and DJs.