It takes an incredibly good ear and understanding of musical genres and styles to play alongside a DJ. Peter Beim ranks in the top 5 in Europe for this category. He has played with Tiesto, Kygo, Snoop Dog, Yves Larock, DJ Aligator, Djs from Mars, TooManyLeftHands, and Gigi D’Agostino to name a few.



Artists whom Peter Beim has collaborated with or performed with include:

Tiesto, Kygo, Snoop Dog, Infernal, Yves Larock, DJ Aligator, DJ from Mars, TooManyLeftHands, Gigi d’agostino

Show moreRobert Feelgood, Peter Felthusen, CK Feltman, Tim Andresen, Tom Boye, Chrelle Larsen, Patrick Pereira Nielsen, Anthon Unger,Sune Kjær, Jens Petersen, Anders Moto, Mikkel Wendelboe, Thomas Toftgaard Sørensen, Troels Andersen, Anders Kanstrup, Lars Jespersen, Lars Olesen, Hans Gordon Frederiksen, Jacques Philip Christiansen, Michael Jantzen, Paw Lagermann, Claus Petterson, Mads Laumann, Kenneth Riis, Casper Christensen, Michael Andersen, Kim Birk, Patrick Christensen, Andreas Keskin, Simonsen Miké, Martin Jacobsen, Claus Hartmann, Thomas Hofman, Mads Lenny Lehnert, Kris Pelkonen Larsen, Flemming Flæske Vangskov, Jacob Hjorth, Michael Gallus, Christoffer Edwards, Kim Christiansen, Nicolai Kilsgaard Jensen, Flemming Dalager, Rasmus Morild Meibom, Michael Dex Deleurang Pedersen, Jonas Wittendorff Petersen, Nikolaj Egebak Stadsvold, Jeppe Dex, Rasmus Dyrskjødt, René Schultz, Lars Peter LP Støvring, Chrelle Larsen, Lars Frederiksen, Alonso Gonzalez, Jens Gønge Mikkelsen, Jesper Julius, Allan Svendsen, Carsten Lysholm Flindt Feltman, Søren Seidler, Jimmy Skovgaard, Dany Comaro, Sebastian Bestle, Jens Juul Rasmussen, Jesper Pedersen, Torben Hansen, Mary Svane, Asbjørn Brøndel, Steffan Vase, Christian Aarup Mohr, Rasmus Ravnested, Mathias Dokkedal Holm, Peter W. Bonde, Cane Morgan, Ulrich Andersen, Christoffer Zorn, Kristoffer Bo Hansen, Thomas Bergelius Dürr Fordsmann, Anders Meldgaard, Ronnie Veiler, Jan Trampedach, Lasse LN, Thomas Schou, Casper Ørum, Martin Nissen, Morten Nielsen Fab, Rasmus Skøtt, Claus Flid Jespersen, Mads Dalholt, Chriz Petersen, Ian Bang, Mie Petersen, Tommy Scott, Christian Høgh, Søren Haahr, Janus Lauvring, Christina Simonsen Otur, Jakob Dreier Jakobsen, Mikkel Marott, Steven Rahbek Andersen, Rene Andersen, Per Sained Brandborg, Kenneth Rothly, Martin Eggert, Frederik Kühl, Jesper D. Hansen, Morten Brask Hansen, Nick Rendbæk, Thomas Vendelboe, Anders Ponsaing, LaDyj Karina Lærke, Lars Freisig, Dennis Fuller Møller, Henri Matisse, Michael Splint


“With his enchanting musical skills and great experience from the event industry, Peter has repeatedly delivered memorable performances. I’m sure he is the first thing that comes to mind, when the crowd wakes up the next morning.”

Jens Parbo Jensen / Deloitte

“Peter is great artist to work with. He adapts to any kind of music and is able to entertain any crowd. From joining a drumband, jumping on a table and performing for a few of the best Norwegian chefs to playing in front of a large crowd in a club with a carton box on his head, he surprises you every time. I love to perform with this amazing musician because he knows how to bring a smile to everybody’s face, even when he’s not playing saxophone.”

Robert Feelgood / from IAMM


Peter Beim began playing the saxophone at age 13 and attended The Mellerup School of Music for a year. Throughout his youth he took lessons in jazz, blues, and swing, and he founded the Blues Brothers Experience in the early 90’s.

It takes an incredibly good ear and understanding of musical genres and styles to play alongside a DJ. Peter Beim ranks in the top 5 in Europe for this category.

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About me

I always feel at my best when I am immersed in the world of music.
Music is a universal language; it is understood by everyone, and it can be used to express everything. Giving life to the saxophone through music is what is essential to me. Regardless of whether a single person or 200,000 people are listening, I want them to have the same great experience. I consider this my most important obligation.

Thoughts from Peter Beim